It's me, Billy

Director:  Dave McRae, Bruce Dale

Screenwriter:  Dave McRae, Bruce Dale

Genre:  Thriller/Horror (Short)​


It’s me, Billy is a fan film based on the 1974 Canadian horror classic Black Christmas.

It’s me, Billy is an unofficial sequel set nearly 50 years after the events of Black Christmas, and keeping continuity with the first film. It’s currently being developed as a short film and will be produced and directed by filmmaking team Dave McRae and Bruce Dale. The film will pay homage to the original by utilizing theater of the mind, suspense, mood, and atmosphere. Production plans to shoot in and around Toronto.


Director:  Dave McRae

Screenwriter:  Dave McRae

Genre:  Thriller/Mystery/Drama (FEATURE)


Port Robinson Road is a thriller/mystery/drama film currently in development.


The film is based on true events from Dave's second year of College from November 2000. The screenplay, in which Dave also wrote, was completed several years ago, but continues to go through re-writes and revisions. 79Films is looking at completion of the screenplay next year.


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